Bed and Breakfast, Spa & Cabana in Dallas Texas is a Private Guest House.

Alla's Bed and Breakfast Dallas Fort Worth Texas is a private place for romantic getaways, business traveler, small weddings, family.European breakfast,inexpensive candlelight dinners WI - FI internet,free wine with hot appetizers and much more!

Services & Specials


Anyone who books at least two rooms in our place will have the entire house privately to themselves that day. No one else will be booked during this private stay. Organic European style breakfast, candlelight dinners, free glass of wine & hot appetizers.

To view availability enter your arrival date and stay duration below:
 Coming to the Dallas Fort Worth area and do not know what to do? Please visit our Dallas Events Calendar for various dining and  attractions  tips that will make your stay here a memorable one!       here


                                                      Meal Options

  • Candlelight  dinner is available by special request for $49.00 or ($55.00 with wine)
Included in each meal is: hot bread with herbal butter, and drink of your choice. (Tax included in price)

  • Afternoon tea, Fruit, Non-alcoholic beverage, Wine/cheese
  • Special meals available:  Low Fat, Restricted, Vegetarian




  Anybody who has minimum stay of three or more days shall enjoy evening special homemade cake with a drink of their choice.

  The services and arrangements we offer are:
Baby Showers, Family Meetings, Christian Travel, and Special Events.

   Make this special occasion one to remember! Let us cater your treat needs and relive you of busy preparations.
 Our menu includes these items:
  • Cheese, fruit, crackers, herbal spreads, and mixed nuts.
  • Hot sandwiches, "pigs in blankets", garlic bread extravaganza, and Italian pesto mini-croissant with turkey or ham, tomatoes and lettuce.
  • Shrimp with cocktail souse.
  • Homemade fruit cake or grilled bananas in ice cream.
  • Choice of soft drinks, tea, or bottled water.
Price includes all of the above mentioned food items and full use of the home at $100/hr and $25.00
per person.



  • Birthdays
Let us make and do all of the planning for you. With a minimum of six persons, but a maximum of 12, we can make a cozy old fashioned family style birthday celebration for you in our home. You can pick from our many choices to make
your table extra special!
Appetizers: Salmon rolls, Cheese Bruschetta
Choice of one meat en tree:
  • Baked Turkey in wine souse
  •  Baked Herbal Duck
  • Stuffed Pork Chops with raisins and nuts
  • Alla's Baked Beer Chicken
  • Grilled Fresh Salmon with herbs
Choice of one side dish:
  • Seasoned rice cooked in wine
  •  Italian style baked potatoes
  • Baked cabbage with prunes
  • Smoky flavored baked sour croft
Choice of one desert:
  • Grilled nutmeg bananas with ice cream
  •  Ginger baked pears with ice cream
Fresh cut vegetables, soft drinks, and tea is included with meal.
Price for meal service is $55.00/person


 Business travel
For people who are here on business, I can provide carry out lunches or dinners if you don't have time to eat at home. These include:
  • 1. Various types of sandwiches on various breads or croissant roll.
  • 2. Fruit salads
  • 3. Chips or cookies
  • 4. Bottled water or soft drinks
We provide your choice of the above take out for $20.00
  • Family Travel
For family travelers, I can provide a home cooked dinner/lunch by special request:
We offer grilled salmon, shrimp, pork, chicken, beef, and vegetables on the side.
Priced at $49.00 per person.


 Honeymoons, Peaceful getaways, Romantic escapes.
Make this special date one to remember! We offer special packages to help you relax and enjoy your stay with us more:

Romantic Interlude Package
Fresh cut bouquet of flowers.
Bottle of wine, Half dozen European chocolate candies. Candlelight  dinner for two.
Priced for couple: $190.00 + (room cost)
 Floral Bouquet Package
For your room, you may order:
Bouquet of fresh cut flowers in a souvenir vase.
A box of European chocolate candies.
Priced for $55.00 + (room cost)
 Girls' Slumber Parties!
Special package includes:

Enjoy entire house with your own bed rooms, Delicious hors d'oeuvre upon arrival,

Full evening candlelight  dinner and, Hot breakfast the next morning.

Minimum 4 girls for $450and $85.00 for each additional lady.
Have fun, talk all night , and have breakfast anytime the next morning late!



A bottle of champagne,  and a box of European chocolate candies
                 Prices at $65.50.

 Pure Love.
A bottle of champagne, one dozen long stem roses and chocolate dipped strawberries.
     Priced at $99.50

 Goodies Night.
A bottle of Cabernet Savignon,  a plate of cheese, fruit and crackers and a box of European chocolate candies.
   Priced at $90.00

 Instant Romance.
Have a bottle a wine, European chocolate candies, bouquet of flowers.
              Priced at $99.00


 Fruit & Cheese Basket.
Enjoy a plate of fruit and traditional cheese.
      Priced at $30.00

 Wine,Fruit & Cheese  Plate.
A plate of fruit, traditional cheese, your choice of Cabernet or Chardonnay wine 
       Priced at $75.00

 Cheese and Cracker Plate.
A yummy snack of traditional cheese with crackers and a bit of fruit.
                    Priced at $20.00

 Seasonal Fruit & Dipping Sauce.
Choose from strawberries, juicy apples or sweet bananas and add a Chocolate Sauce for dipping.
       Priced at $ 17.00

 European Chocolate Candies.
A box of European chocolate candies.
                     Priced at $19.00