Bed and Breakfast, Spa & Cabana in Dallas Texas is a Private Guest House.

Alla's Bed and Breakfast Dallas Fort Worth Texas is a private place for romantic getaways, business traveler, small weddings, family.European breakfast,inexpensive candlelight dinners WI - FI internet,free wine with hot appetizers and much more!

Rooms & Rates

                                  Please call us at:    972 - 697 - 6067   or send us email:  

                                      Free glass of wine  upon your arrival,  free choice of soft drinks during your stay!

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                                                         Mama Pelt's Room


 Viewed here is the cozy original room especially built for John C. Pelt's mother. She lived here until her mid-nineties.

Hardwood floors throughout. Also features a private bathroom, entrance and exit to the porch outside as well as the hallway.
King size bed.

Single occupancy: $89.00 + tax. (Monday - Thursday)
Double occupancy: $110.00 + tax.

                                               A special for our guests!

 Anyone ordering any two rooms in our Texas Historic B&B will enjoy the privilege of having the entire place privately to themselves!
There will be no other bookings during your time of stay.

                                 John C. Pelt's Room



 The front bedroom was the master bedroom of the Pelts. It has its own private bathroom,entrance and exit to the front porch and the corridor.
King size canopy bed.

Single occupancy: $89.00 + tax. (Monday - Thursday)
Double occupancy: $119.00 + tax.

                                                      The Guest Room


 The center bedroom of this house is the guest room, which originally served the purpose of
housing the children of the Pelt  family and later for the guests.
Queen size bed.

Single occupancy:
$85.00 + tax. (Monday - Thursday)

Double occupancy: $99.00 + tax.

                                              I serve:

Hot Organic European Breakfast made from scratch            ($19.50 per person)

Hot American Breakfast (non organic, not made from scratch ($ 7.50 per person)

Please tell me which  breakfast  you would like to enjoy and add that amount to the price of your room.

 see pictures     here

 see pictures     here

                                              *Robes & slippers provided in each room.


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Brown Room

Red Room


Gold Room

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                                    The Main Dining Area


  For those who prefer a formal dining area to have their breakfast, we offer you this dining room. Your order is served on a spacious carved solid oak table. If wanted, one can enjoy vintage music with their food. Maximum seating capacity is six.

                             The Front Room                                    


  As you enter the front door, this cozy vintage
fireplace catches the eye immediately. It is furnished with other vintage items such as the cathedral fire screen, illuminated electric smoker stand. This room has very comfortable sitting areas and is large enough to accommodate and extra person if necessary.


                                      Sitting areas

  A fine sitting area with a server cart to relax by and enjoy some drinks in the ambiance of the Pelt room.

  In the corner of Mama Pelt's Room you can relax with your cup of coffee while surfing the net on this beautiful vintage writing table.

  This favorite sitting area belonged to Mama Pelt who lived to the age of 94. This was her room from 1927 to 1947. This bedroom was built especially for her. Now you can enjoy your favorite glass of wine and a good book.

  The cozy corner of the Guest Room. Enjoy sitting in our vintage Rococo chair
with a glass of wine and hors d'oeuvre.

  This very large kitchen has its own private dining area for your breakfast. It is one of the four dining areas that you are able to choose. This table seats up to six.


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                                The Covered Porch

 Unique all brick arched wrap-around porch, and makes a wonderful private dining area for barbecue, breakfast, and things such as smoking and just plain relaxing. Let Alla prepare a special dinner for you on the grill by special request!